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Top Smart Lens Surgery in Berlin, Germany | Best Clinics & Prices 2023

Smart lens surgery is a surgical procedure that involves the replacement of the eye's natural lens with an artificial one. This procedure is used to correct vision problems such as cataracts and presbyopia, and can also be used as an alternative to laser eye surgery for patients who are not suitable candidates for LASIK or other laser treatments.

Germany is a leading country in health tourism, offering high-quality clinics and experienced ophthalmologists. The cost of smart lens surgery in Berlin is generally more affordable compared to Western countries, making it an attractive option for those looking to improve their vision.

It's worth noting that smart lens surgery is a serious and invasive procedure, and should be carefully considered before proceeding. As with any surgery, there are risks and potential complications, so it is important to consult with a qualified ophthalmologist to determine if it is the right option for you.

If you are considering smart lens surgery in Berlin, it is important to do your research and choose a reputable clinic with experienced surgeons. In this article we will cover everything you need to know before, during and after the procedure.

What is Smart Lens Surgery?

During a Smart Lens surgery, an artificial lens, known as a smart lens or trifocal intraocular lens, is inserted into the eye to replace the natural lens. These lenses are designed to eliminate visual impairments for life, allowing patients to see at both near and far distances.

The procedure is typically used for patients with cataract disease, and may be performed using a femtosecond laser or an ultrasound device.

Micro-incisions are made on the cornea to remove the natural lens and insert the smart lens. These incisions typically heal on their own after the procedure. The smart lens is then rolled up and inserted into the eye, where it unfolds and moves into position.

Types of Smart Lens

There are different types of artificial lenses that can be used in smart lens surgery, including monofocal, bifocal, and trifocal lenses.

1. Monofocal Lenses

These are traditional lenses that provide patients with clear vision at one distance, such as near, mid-range, or far distances. However, patients may still need to wear glasses for other distances.

2. Bifocal Lenses

These lenses offer a wider range of vision than monofocal lenses, as they have two visual ranges. Patients may still need to wear glasses for certain distances.

3. Trifocal Multifocal Lenses

These lenses have three different visual ranges, allowing patients to see near, mid-range and far distances. These are the most preferred lens type, as they can provide a full range of vision.

Things You Need to Know Before Your Smart Lens Surgery in Berlin

  • Smart lens surgery is suitable for individuals with low vision due to cataracts, as well as those with hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia, or astigmatism.
  • It is typically recommended for patients over the age of 40 who do not want to wear glasses for near and distance vision, and for those with thick corneas who are not suitable for laser eye surgery.
  • The procedure is performed with a high level of precision and requires experienced specialists, therefore it is important to choose a certified clinic and experienced surgeon.
  • Smart lens surgery in Berlin offers an affordable option compared to Europe or the US, and Berlin is home to many highly skilled and experienced doctors and ophthalmologists.
  • As with any surgery, smart lens surgery carries some risks, and therefore it is important to be aware of the possible complications.
  • Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have certain medical conditions, may not be suitable for the procedure.
  •  It is also important to stop drinking alcohol and smoking at least one week before the surgery, and to follow the aftercare instructions of your doctor.
  • The recovery period after smart lens surgery can vary, but most patients have clear vision within several hours of the procedure. 
  • Some patients may experience blurred vision for a few days or up to a couple of weeks. 
  • Eye drops will need to be used for about a month, and patients should avoid direct contact of water with the eyes and avoid certain activities such as swimming, sauna, solarium and active sports for a few weeks.

Procedure of Smart Lens Surgery in Berlin

The process of having smart lens surgery in Berlin typically starts with sending your medical history to your doctor for evaluation. After an online consultation, you will discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure as well as the type of lens that is suitable for you.

Upon arrival in Berlin, you will have a detailed examination of your eyes with your attending doctor. Additional tests may be ordered if necessary. Together with your doctor, you will finalize the choice of lens that is right for you and the lens will be prepared for your individual needs.

The surgery typically takes place the next day, after which you will return to the clinic for final details and instructions from your doctor. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and typically takes around 20 minutes per eye. After the surgery, you will be given contact lenses to protect your eyes and provided with aftercare instructions.

Follow-up visits are typically scheduled for the day after the surgery and the following day, during which the contact lenses will be removed and the eyes will be examined to ensure proper healing.

How Much is Smart Lens Surgery in Berlin?

The cost of smart lens surgery in Berlin is significantly lower than the cost of the same procedure in Western countries, making it an affordable option for those looking to improve their vision. It's worth noting that the cost may vary depending on factors such as the type of lens used, and the experience and qualifications of the surgeon.

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