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Skin Care Treatments in Berlin | Best Prices & Methods 2024

Every woman desires perfect skin, and while at-home skin care is crucial, it's often not enough. Thanks to modern technology, medical skin treatments can now achieve flawless skin, allowing users to maintain a youthful and glowing complexion. Committing to regular treatments can rejuvenate the skin by removing the buildup of dead skin cells. And of course, remember to drink plenty of water for overall skin health.

Before Skin Care Treatments

The first step is to visit a dermatologist. At this initial meeting, they will perform a skin analysis to determine your skin type (oily, dry, mixed, or dehydrated), skin age, and any skin issues. Based on this information, the doctor selects the appropriate vitamins, substances, and medicines for your skin needs.

Knowing this information also allows them to choose the products to be used in the treatments, such as masks, toners, moisturizers, serums, creams, and fruit/plant peels. By addressing skin problems with the right products and treatments, a successful treatment plan can be made quickly with fast results.

What Happens During a Medical Skin Care Treatment?

When you begin the treatment process, the first step the doctor will take is to cleanse the skin. After removing makeup and dirt, a toner is applied to the skin. Then the specialist will remove dead skin cells with a peel, and soften the skin with a steam bath. The pores are cleaned, and blackheads in oil glands are extracted. The skin is refreshed with a gel treatment.

Tightening and rejuvenating the skin are achieved with toner and radiofrequency treatments. A special mask is applied for long-lasting results, followed by massaging in supportive serums and moisturizers that cater to your skin's needs. Finally, the specialist will apply a bit of sunscreen to protect the skin.

What Are the Benefits of Medical Skin Care?

Taking precautions against potential problems can slow the aging process of the skin. The skin becomes stronger and better able to withstand external factors, such as pollution, weather changes, sun damage, and aging. Daily skin care routines are also more effective when skin protection is a priority.

Who Can Have Medical Skin Care Treatments?

This medical skin care treatment, as it uses no chemicals, can be beneficial for all patients, regardless of gender.

How Often Should You Have Medical Skin Care Treatments?

If you want to maintain healthy skin, it's recommended that you have professional skin care once a month. If once a month is not feasible, it is suggested to have skin treatments every two months.

Is Medical Skin Care Harmful?

Undergoing medical skin care treatments has many associated benefits and is not harmful. Experts use dermocosmetic products that have no side effects.

What Should be Considered After Medical Skin Care?

It's important to protect the skin for the first 24 hours after undergoing medical skin care treatments as the skin is rejuvenated and the pores are open. Be sure to use sunscreen outside and avoid direct sunlight as well as using heavy makeup, smoking or exposure to smoke.

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