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Silk Eyelash Extensions in Berlin, Germany | Best Salons & Prices 2024

Taking care of one's eyebrows and eyelashes is an important aspect of beauty and can greatly enhance the appearance of the eyes. The lashes serve not only as a protective barrier, but also as an aesthetic feature that many women focus on in their grooming routines. Even on days when minimal makeup is worn, applying mascara is a common practice. Silk eyelashes offer an option to attain long, luscious lashes for an extended period. By dedicating attention to the appearance of eyebrows and lashes, one can boost the assertiveness and charm of their eyes.

What Are Silk Eyelashes?

Silk eyelashes enhance the look of natural lashes by adding length and volume. They are made from silk and come in various types based on volume. They are attached to the real lashes with a medical-grade adhesive and are placed at the tip, allowing the bottom of the lashes to remain unobstructed.

Silk Eyelash Varieties

1. Cat Eye Style

The "Cat Eye" style is a popular makeup look that emphasizes the eyes. It is characterized by lashes that are short near the inner corners of the eyes and gradually become longer as they move towards the middle and outer corners. The final result is an eye shape that resembles an almond.

2. Doll Eye Style

The "Doll Eye" style is a makeup look that creates the illusion of larger, more open eyes. It achieves this by placing the longest lashes in the middle part of the eyelid. The lashes on the inner and outer parts of the eye are shorter, giving the appearance of a more natural lash line. This style aims to mimic the look of a doll's eye, hence its name.

3. Dramatic Style

The "Dramatic" style is a bold and striking look for the eyes. It is characterized by a sudden transition from short lashes to long lashes, creating a more pronounced and elongated appearance. This style provides the greatest length and makes the most impact on the overall appearance of the eye.

Silk eyelashes come in two shapes, "C" and "J." "C" lashes are intended for individuals with naturally curly lashes, while "J" lashes are intended for those with straight lashes. In cases where natural lashes are sparse and don't provide a full and dense appearance, volume is added by attaching 2D or 3D lashes.

Do Silk Eyelashes Damage Natural Lashes?

Silk eyelashes are crafted from pure silk, resulting in a natural-looking appearance. As they are made from non-harmful materials, they do not damage natural lashes.

How Long Does the Silk Eyelash Application Take?

The application process for silk eyelashes takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. To maintain the look, regular touch-ups are recommended once a month and the lashes can last up to 3 months with proper care.

Can Eyeliner Be Used with Silk Lashes?

With silk eyelashes, you no longer need to use mascara, eyeliner, or an eyelash curler. However, it's important to avoid using oily eye makeup removers, rubbing your eyes, applying eye creams, exposing yourself to hot showers or saunas as these can weaken the glue and cause the lashes to fall out.

Can Silk Eyelashes Be Removed at Home?

To remove silk eyelashes safely, use an oil-based makeup remover. Begin by shaking the solution and then soaking a cotton pad with a generous amount. Hold the cotton over your closed eyes for 30 seconds and then gently slide it away from your eyes, lifting it from your lashes.

Who Are Silk Lashes For?

Silk eyelashes are ideal for women with short lashes who desire a longer look. It provides a convenient alternative for those who are hesitant to wear mascara daily or are short on time.

When Do Silk Lashes Start Shedding?

Silk eyelashes can last for a maximum of 7-8 weeks after application. After 4-5 weeks, they may start to shed gradually. For longer-lasting results, regular maintenance appointments to replace shed lashes with new ones can be scheduled. It's also important to note that natural lashes go through a cycle of shedding and regrowth.

What Should Be Considered After Silk Lashes Have Been Applied?

When engaging in activities such as swimming in the sea or pool, it is important to avoid getting face wash products like soap or gel into the eyes. To remove makeup, use cotton and make sure not to rub the eyes, as this can potentially harm the silk eyelashes attached to them. Additionally, it is important to use non-oily makeup remover products, as oil-based products can weaken the glue used to attach the eyelashes.

When sleeping, you should avoid sleeping face down and instead sleep on your back to prevent your lashes from coming into contact with the pillow and potentially falling out. Regular check-ups with your lash technician should also be scheduled and maintained every three weeks after the procedure.

In the two days prior to the application of silk lashes, it is recommended to avoid any chemical processes such as eyelash curling or perming. Additionally, it is best to avoid activities such as saunas, steam baths, and use of a solarium for the two days after the procedure. To preserve the adhesive used during the application process, it is important to avoid applying mascara to your lashes for the first 48 hours. The use of eyeliner should also be avoided during this time.

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