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Best Nose Filler in Berlin, Germany | Top Prices, Costs & Beauty Salons 2024

Non-surgical nose reshaping is a procedure available to those who are dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose and want to achieve a desired appearance without massive changes. It is important to note that nose filler cannot alleviate breathing difficulties resulting from curvature of the nasal bones. Nose filler is a purely cosmetic procedure and does not address any underlying respiratory issues caused by structural abnormalities.

What are Nose filler?

Nose filler are performed using either hyaluronic acid or the patient's own fat tissue. By strategically injecting filler into specific points, the nose can be lifted, made more symmetrical, and attain a more harmonious appearance. The procedure is used to correct gaps in the nasal structure and achieve the desired shape.

How are Nose Filler Done?

For nasal filling with hyaluronic acid, a numbing cream is applied to the area which requires patients to wait about 30 minutes. Once it has taken effect, the injection can be done.

If the process requires a fat tissue injection, then first the doctor will use liposuction to extract fat from a suitable area of the patient's body. Once this is completed, the fat is injected into the patient's specific area of the nose.

 If stem cell assisted fat injection is used, the required amount of fat is obtained through liposuction, processed in a Ministry of Health approved laboratory to separate stem cells, and then mixed with the patient's own fat tissue and injected by the doctor into the necessary areas.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The duration of the hyaluronic acid filler procedure is between 30 minutes to 1 hour. For fat tissue injection, it takes about 2 hours. If it's done with stem cell support, the total duration is longer as it involves liposuction (2 hours), stem cell replication (3-5 weeks), and the actual filler procedure (30 minutes to 1 hour).

Can An Arched Nose Be Filled?

Filling the nose can help in reducing the visibility of a nose arch and provide a temporary solution for changing the appearance of the nose. However, it's important to keep in mind that the effects of the filler are not permanent and touch-up treatments may be required to maintain the desired results. It's also important to consult with a qualified aesthetic practitioner to ensure that the procedure is performed safely and effectively.

Is getting Nose Filler a Painful Procedure?

The procedure of filling the nose with hyaluronic acid is pain-free. However, if the filler is applied using fat tissue, the patient will first undergo a liposuction procedure to remove fat from the abdomen or hip area. The liposuction is performed under anesthesia, so there is no discomfort or pain during the procedure.

What Is The Healing Process After Nose Filler Treatment?

The recovery period after a nasal filling procedure varies depending on the method used. If a patient chooses hyaluronic acid, there is no need for a healing process and normal activities can immediately be resumed. However, if the procedure is performed with fat tissue or stem cell-assisted fat tissue injection, it may take 2-3 weeks for the swelling and bruises to fully subside and the healing process to be completed.

How Long Does Nose Filling Last?

For those who have had nose filler done with hyaluronic acid, results generally last anywhere from half to a full year.  If you’re looking for a longer effect, then using the fat tissue injection is a better option. This method produces results that patients are satisfied with often up to three years. The longest-lasting results can be achieved with stem cell-assisted fat tissue injection, with an average duration of 5 years.

Who Cannot Have Nose Fillers?

The only circumstances that prevent someone from having nose filling is if a specialist for Ear, Nose and Throats have warned against it.

Nose Filler in Berlin in Germany

What Happens If I Don’t Like the Results From Nose Filling?

One of the biggest benefits to using the hyaluronic acid procedure is that if you're not happy with the outcome, the process can be easily reversed. A medicine called hyaluronidase is injected into the filled area which dissolves the filler within 24 hours. Shortly after, patients will immediately see the appearance of their previous nose.

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