The Complete Berlin Lifestyle Guide

What can you do in Berlin apart from sightseeing, castles and museums? Follow our Tips for food, shopping and culture.

Wondering what to do in Berlin besides sightseeing and visiting museums?
Follow our tips and experience "More Berlin".

Lifestyle is not just any word. Lifestyle is an attitude towards life. Lifestyle is the way to live life. Lifestyle is enjoyment and consumption. Lifestyle is leisure. The lifestyle of Berliners shapes the city and is reflected as a whole in the tourist's perception. Find out everything that makes Berlin special and distinguishes it from other cities. Discover the true character of Berlin and its inhabitants.

Berlin is different!

Berlin is not only the largest city in Germany in terms of area and population. Above all, the German capital is very different from other metropolises. Berlin is "knorke" (hip)!

In Berlin, you can experience a lot, every day! You can have great experiences, but also very bad ones. There is always something happening somewhere and quite unexpectedly you are suddenly in the middle of it in some form or another.

Berlin Lifestyle

Life in Berlin is relaxed and free, spontaneous and flexible. People are everywhere, sometimes tourists even wonder when people are working here. Somehow, there is a party or an open-air concert in every neighborhood almost every day. Open up and you will immediately meet people. Berliners are international and kind of crazy - but in a positive sense. Berlin is constantly changing, unfortunately not always positively. But that's how big cities are, not everything can be suitable for everyone...

Berliners think differently

The world-famous German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said in 1823: "In Berlin lives ... such an audacious breed of people together that one does not go far with delicacy, but that one must wear hair on one's teeth and sometimes be a bit rough to survive."

The Frankfurter knew what he was talking about, because Berliners are quick-witted and direct, they grumble, exaggerate excessively and are undiplomatic; they are, as they say nationwide, tough but cordial. If your question seems stupid to a Berliner, he will answer cheekily. For example, the employee of a bakery, when asked if you can also have breakfast here, replied: "When I let water in here, you can also have a swim!" And sometimes, Berliners won't even be bothered with you!

To help you figure out how to integrate into the German lifestyle and spend your time in Berlin like a true Berliner, we've compiled our best articles to give you ideas on how to spend your time.

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