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We have something for everyone: from a party boat, to a climbing course or building a gingerbread house, everything is possible.

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Which Team Building Event Is Right for Your Group?

A good event is a reward for employees, loosens up, and integrates new colleagues into the company.

Personal communication is important from the home office, everyday stress, and for fast changing times.

Along with our consultants, we will go over your needs and send a non-binding offer within 24 to 48 hours. Organization of suitable events is possible for all group sizes, including conferences.

Full-Service Agency

The entire supporting program is possible with us from one source. From the bus from the airport to the conference hotel and catering, we can take care of everything.

  • 24-Hour Support
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  • Complete Supporting Program

What Do I Need to Know Before Booking?


The payment depends on the number of participants and the materials used. For small events you can pay on the spot, for larger events often a deposit is necessary. We will gladly inform you about the details after your request. It depends on the selected event.


Small events can often be canceled with short notice. For large events with necessary preparation, our partners sometimes charge cancellation fees.


We organize the materials for raft building, games in the meeting room, and similar things. The participants should bring their own clothes. Protective clothing for paintball is provided by our partners. Your participants should bring the appropriate clothing, which may also get dirty. The same applies to survival parks, climbing courses, and outdoor events. Of course, we will inform you about the necessary recommended clothing in advance.


Outdoor team building events can be held in the rain if desired.

The exceptions to this are storms, thunderstorms, and hail. Cancellation of outdoor events is possible in the event of inclement weather.

Whether cancellation fees apply for this depends on the partner. We will be happy to provide you with the conditions for this in advance.

Indoor events can, of course, be held during bad weather.


The maximum number of participants depends on the chosen location. We are happy to organize team building events for large events.

It may be necessary to divide the participants into several groups for this purpose. In a climbing garden, for example, there is always only room for a maximum number of people.


Some team building events, for example paintball, sometimes have a required minimum legal age. If apprentices or students are participating in such an event, parental consent is sometimes required because of this.

Outdoor events sometimes have restrictions in terms of accessibility. For example, climbing courses are not accessible at ground level. We can also take care of the creating barrier-free events. 

Classic or Unique?

We are also happy to take care of special requests. Here are the 10 bestsellers

1. Treasure Hunt

Follow the clues, discover Berlin, and find the kidnapped boss, special attractions, or the event location for dinner.

2. Casino Royale

Las Vegas in Berlin. Discover the glamorous world of casinos with casino professionals, develop strategies along with the other participants and finally dine in an exclusive ambience.

3. Office Games

From dominos to Mensch Ärgere dich nicht. Along with the team you build a chain that must not be broken. The game is ideal for those who want to stay in their meeting rooms.

4. Vocal Workshop

Develop a company CD in a professional recording studio, of course, this activity is also for untrained voices. The event is possible with vocal workshop, photo session, and your own CD in Berlin. It definitely awakens the creative side.

5. Make Your Own Meal

Sushi or chocolates? In a kitchen, the division of labor is important. Everyone takes care of their tasks and communicates with the others. Along with the other participants serve your own meal at the end.

6. Mini Golf

Mini golf in the meeting room loosens everyone up. This game is fun and clears the head for the upcoming meeting points in a playful way.

7. Belly Dancing

Of course also for the men, so that they roll their hips. Laughter, giggles, and fun are guaranteed. Who dares to dance first? The event is also possible in your own conference room.

8. Escape Room

Work together with the team on finding the way out of an escape room in Berlin. The group has only one hour. Does it work with cooperation?

9. Rock Star for One Night

Here, participants become a rock band, learn instruments in a very short time without any previous knowledge, and produce unique memories. In order for the one song for the stage to come out at the end, of course, everyone has to work together. Almost all group sizes are possible.

10. The Classics

Build a raft? Walk over burning coals? Highland Games? Karaoke? Of course, we can organize all of that. In addition, many other unique team building events are possible.

The Purpose of Team Building

In the daily work routine, fast-paced times and home office, there is often no time to get to know colleagues.

Relationships need to be cultivated.

Team spirit ensures good communication. Even otherwise reclusive employees can be integrated into the group with the right event.

Perhaps a new basis for discussion develops in the company? An event also loosens up long conferences.

We would be happy to help you choose the right team building event.

From One Source

  • Complete Supporting Program: From the bus from the airport to event locations, hotels, and catering, everything is possible.
  • 24-Hour Support: The event lasts until the early morning? No problem. We are available 24 hours a day for all possible questions during a team building event.
  • Individual Advice: After reviewing your needs, we will send you a suitable offer within 24 to 48 hours.

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