Interpreters, Hostesses, and City Guides in Berlin is a full-service M.I.C.E. agency providing licensed sworn interpreters, hostesses, and city guides in all languages in Berlin.

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Interpreters with Expertise

Interpreters with specialized knowledge are necessary for events in the technology, pharmaceutical, and IT sectors.

We are happy to arrange licensed sworn interpreters in Berlin for special subject areas. Simultaneous translation of live events is, of course, also possible.

We can also arrange hostesses to take on small service and translation tasks, for example at trade fair booths, reception desks, or during events. Please let us know which languages you prefer.

Booking our multilingual guides is also possible with attractive daily rates. An event can take longer, events can be postponed. So you can start flexibly.

Experts in All Languages

Are you looking for an interpreter for engineering, pharmaceutical, or legal fields?

We have local licensed interpreters for specialized fields in Berlin. This includes simultaneous translation for events, conferences, and live events.

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Which Interpreters Can You Arrange?

From € 50 net per hour, plus VAT is possible. The price depends on the qualifications, the languages, and the subject areas.

1. Licensed Interpreters

We work with court-licensed interpreters.

2. Field Experts

Expert knowledge is often necessary for the translation of specialized fields, for example in technology, science, and politics. We have the right interpreters for this in our database.

3. Simultaneous Translation

We can provide interpreters for the translation of speeches, corporate events, and other live events.

243 + Interpreters

Contact licensed and sworn interpreters with expertise in Berlin.

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Which Hostesses Can You Arrange?

From € 25 per hour plus VAT in Berlin and the surrounding area.

1. For Trade Fairs

Our hostesses help as service staff, at the reception, and small interpreter functions.

2. Events

The reception, greeting, and seating of customers is one of the classic tasks of our hostesses. This also includes the registration of guests.

Top Agencies

We work with the top agencies in Berlin. Place your request for hostesses for events, trade fairs, and functions in Berlin.

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Multilingual City Guides

From € 40 per hour plus VAT, depending on languages and subject.

1. Private Guided Tours

Perhaps you have a guest you would like to show the highlights of Berlin and places off the beaten track? We have the right city guides for that.

2. Group Tours

After a day at the trade fair, your colleagues can enjoy a group tour of Berlin on a day off. Of course, guests you have invited to Berlin can participate in the guided tours with licensed city guides. As a full-service agency, we are happy to organize buses, restaurants, and locations for this purpose.

Top City Guides

We arrange tickets, tours, and guided tours for private and business clients.

We will be happy to select a suitable guide for your purposes, with the appropriate specialties and language skills.

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What Do I Need to Know Before Booking?


Do you need to accurately describe details in specialized fields? For example, a color in the production sector, procedures in the pharmaceutical industry, or in the financial sector? We can provide interpreters with appropriate knowledge in these fields.


We provide simultaneous translators with the appropriate technology. Of course, they also translate speeches, events, and live events. Please send us your request, including the necessary specifications.


The interpreters we arrange can be booked on a per diem basis. The same applies to our tour guides in Berlin. For hostesses there is usually a payment per hour.


Hostesses can, of course, also take care of the reception of guests, drinks at the booth, and other small activities. Please let us know your requirements in an initial meeting. We will then find the right hostesses for your event.

One language, One person. Two languages, Two people.

English as a business language has become a standard.

For translations in specialized fields, for example a medical congress, legal topics, and political events, precise translations are still necessary.

In the most important situations, you should be able to speak in your best language.

A sworn interpreter, gladly takes over the task of correct and appropriate language in specialized fields.

The handling of conferences, company events, and meetings with an interpreter is possible with from one source. If desired, there is only one contact person available 24 hours a day for the interpreters, hostesses, and the complete supporting program.

The first step is a free initial consultation to review your requirements.

From a Single Source

  • 24-Hour Support: During the planning, preparation, and execution of events in Berlin.
  • From One Source: Complete handling with one contact person, from the conference hotel, interpreter to the supporting program.
  • Free Initial Consultation: First contact us for advice on the offers, to examine your needs, and learn the possibilities in Berlin.

Free Initial Consultation

We will be happy to talk about your expectations. Contact us by phone at +49-6142-3306675, e-mail to or use our contact form.

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