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Cellulite Treatments in Berlin, Germany | Best Clinics & Prices 2024

Cellulite treatment is very common. Cellulite is a skin condition characterized by an uneven, dimpled appearance resembling an orange peel, usually found on the legs and hips. It is primarily caused by the deterioration and enlargement of subcutaneous fat tissue. Women are particularly susceptible to cellulite due to the structure of their skin, which is naturally flexible, fatty, and prone to collecting fat. The connective tissue surrounding fat cells in men has a frequent and regular diagonal arrangement, while in women it has a looser vertical arrangement.

What Are the Causes of Cellulite Formation?

The common causes of cellulite, which can vary from person to person, include a sedentary lifestyle, prolonged sitting, and unhealthy dietary habits. In addition to a skin structure that is prone to cellulite formation, other significant causes include genetics, hormonal imbalances, and textural changes related to aging.

What Are Practical Solutions to Combat Cellulite Formation Caused by Inactivity?

Effective ways to combat cellulite caused by a sedentary lifestyle include utilizing medical devices in treatment, receiving cellulite massages, promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage through self-care and hydration by drinking plenty of water. These methods are practical and have been shown to produce positive results.

Why Does Cellulite Occur in Young People?

The formation of cellulite is a normal occurrence in young individuals, depending on their genetic predisposition, skin structure, skin tone, dietary habits, and hormonal state. In reality, cellulite is not solely linked to aging, and there are numerous studies indicating an increased occurrence of cellulite in younger populations in recent times. Adolescent hormonal changes, caused by growth and development, can trigger cellulite formation in young people.

What Are the Grades of Cellulite?

Before undergoing cellulite treatment, it's important to have a professional evaluate the type of cellulite you have. Based on a study published in 2009, cellulite can be classified into three degrees.

Grade 1 (mild): This type of cellulite has a wavy appearance, but not necessarily the typical orange peel appearance.

Grade 2 (moderate): This cellulite has a depth rating of 5 to 9 and has a white cheese-like appearance that may turn into an orange peel appearance if not treated promptly.

Grade 3 (severe): This cellulite has a depth rating of 10 or higher and results in a droopy and abundant appearance.

The treatment chosen should correspond to the degree of cellulite.

Can Cellulite Caused by Hormonal Disorders be Treated with Medical Devices?

Yes. In line with a doctor's recommendation, cellulite treatment can be used parallel with hormone treatments or following other treatments. Thus, you say goodbye to the orange peel appearance and prevent the formation of new cellulite for other reasons.

Does Cellulite Treatment Work?

Medical devices utilized in treating cellulite are known for producing results and have proven to be successful methods that have earned high satisfaction among patients.

How Many Sessions Does Cellulite Treatment Take?

The desired outcome can be achieved with 4 to 6 sessions, depending on the severity of the cellulite.

Will Cellulite Disappear Completely?

While complete elimination of cellulite may not be possible, it is feasible to reduce its appearance and minimize its visibility.

What Are the Systems Used in Cellulite Treatment?

There are three primary systems utilized for cellulite treatment. All three systems have shown improvement in skin texture after a few sessions, with results that can last for up to 6 months.

The first system is a combination of tissue massage, radiofrequency technology, and infrared light.

The second system utilizes a combination of diode laser energy and tissue massage and is one of the more popular methods.

The third system involves the simultaneous use of radiofrequency at both deep and superficial levels.

Things to Consider After Cellulite Treatment

Incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine can help improve the appearance of cellulite. Drinking plenty of water, engaging in regular physical activity, and consuming a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and green vegetables can aid in reducing the visibility of cellulite. Additionally, dry skin brushing and cellulite massage can help improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Avoiding foods high in sugar, caffeine, and processed ingredients can also benefit your overall health and potentially reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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