Taxis in Berlin: Uber, Shuttles to Airport & Rates

Taxis in Berlin: Rates, Numbers and Uber

Around 8,000 taxis roam the streets of Berlin.

You can either order a taxi by phone, with an app, at taxi stand, or by waving one down on the side of the road.

Available taxis in Berlin have an illuminated taxi sign.

Payment is by taximeter.

Taxi rates are set by the authorities in Germany, most recently in Berlin in October 2019.

They are binding for all taxis and may not be exceeded or undercut. Price agreements are prohibited within the city area.

Payment can be made in cash, by EC card, or by credit card.

If you use cashless payment, an identification document must be shown at the driver's request.

Passengers are entitled to receipts.

Taxi Rates in Berlin

Basic Fee: According to the currently valid taxi rates, the basic fee is €3.90, the price per kilometer is €2.30 for the first seven kilometers and €1.65 for each additional kilometer. For standing and waiting time, €33.00 per hour is charged.

Short Distance: The short distance tariff, or the winketarif, only applies if you hail a cab. For €6 you can get a maximum of 2 kilometers.

Night Tariff: A night tariff is currently not common in Berlin, the same prices apply for 24 hours.

Luggage Surcharge: For bulky luggage, a surcharge of €1 per piece of luggage is charged, for large-capacity taxis with 5 or more passengers, the surcharge is €5.00.

Trips to the Airport

  • Schönefeld: A trip to Schönefeld Airport from Zoo/City-West station costs about €45, from Alexanderplatz/City-Ost about €42.
  • Berlin (BER): A taxi to Brandenburg Berlin Airport, which is scheduled to be open by the end of October, will cost around €50. We will add the current rates when they become available.

Obligation to Carry and Smoking Ban

There is an obligation to carry, each passenger must be driven to any desired destination, as long as it is within the city limits (incl. Schönefeld Airport).

The taxi driver is obliged to take the shortest and thus cheapest route, unless a different route has been agreed.

There is a general ban on smoking in taxis for drivers and passengers.

Telephone Numbers of the Taxi centers in Berlin

  • 030 44 33 22 Radio Taxi Berlin
  • 030 26 10 26 Funk Taxi Berlin
  • 030 26 30 00 Quality Taxi
  • 030 21 01 01 Dice Radio
  • 030 21 02 02 City Radio

It is also possible to order taxis in Berlin using their own apps:

Free Now is the best known (this app used to be called Mytaxi), and there are also the apps Taxi Berlin, Talixo,,, Taxi Deutschland, and My Taxi.

Of course, a taxi can also be pre-ordered, either by phone or by mobile app.

Is Uber Allowed in Berlin?

There are constantly new rulings on this.

For example, in December 2019 the Frankfurt Regional Court ruled that Uber is no longer allowed to offer rides in Germany, as it does not have a license to do so.

The regional court thus upheld an action for an injunction filed by Taxi Deutschland, an association of various cab centers.

Shortly afterwards, Uber was back on the market with a new service.


How much does a taxi cost in Berlin? The basic fee at €3.90, the price per kilometer is €2.30 for the first seven kilometers and €1.65 for each additional kilometer.  For standing and waiting time, €33.00 per hour is charged.

Does Uber exist in Berlin? Following the ruling of the Frankfurt Regional Court in December 2019, Uber is no longer allowed to offer rides in Germany with immediate effect due to the lack of a concession

Where can I pre-order a taxi? A taxi can be pre-ordered by phone at the taxi centers or via mobile app.

What is a short-haul taxi in Berlin? A short distance is a maximum of 2 kilometers and costs €6. However, this rate only applies if the taxi is hailed.

Popular Transport Options in Berlin

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