33 Sights for Kids in Berlin

33 Sights for Kids in Berlin

No matter what age group, whether it's sunny or rainy or whether it's adventurous or educational - there is so much to discover in Berlin!

To make your trip to Berlin a highlight for the whole family, we have compiled a list of the 33 BEST sights for kids in Berlin.

Here is our collection with Berlin's most beautiful destinations that will make children's hearts beat faster.

1. Alice Museum for Children

The Alice Museum for children in the Treptow-Köpenick district takes the little ones into a fairytale-like and exciting world. A variety of topics from everyday life, culture, history, and natural sciences are made tangible and experienceable with exhibitions and hands-on opportunities. The focus is on learning with all the senses.

2. Berlin Aquarium

The Berlin Aquarium in Mitte, Berlin was founded in 1913 and is one of the most important show aquariums in Europe. In the historic building next to the Zoological Garden, large and small fans of the animal world will be amazed by the enormous variety of species they get to see here. Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of fish, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. The petting pool with Japanese Koi ornamental carp, as well as the various show feedings are especially popular with children.

3. AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin

At AquaDom & SEA LIFE in Mitte, Berlin you can discover over 5,000 animals from the underwater world in 35 naturalistic designed tanks. The AquaDom is the largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium in the world. Its motto is, "From the sources of the Spree to the depths of the Atlantic." Here, you will experience an exciting journey through the different waters of our world and admire a fascinating variety of species from sharks, rays, and octopuses to coral fish, seahorses, and jellyfish. The interactive animal feedings are particularly popular with children.

4. FEZ Berlin

Hidden in Berlin's Wuhlheide district is Europe's largest non-profit children's, youth, and family center: FEZ Berlin. With 13,000 square meters of indoor and 175,000 square meters of outdoor space, children, teens, and families are offered creative play, fun, and recreation with a changing weekend program, playgrounds, exciting festivals, a swimming pool, a theater, a cinema, a museum, a space center, a train, and much more. A true family paradise!

5. Gardens of the World

The Gardens of the World in Marzahn, Berlin opened in 1987, when Berlin was still divided, under the name of the Berlin Garden Show in East Berlin. The Gardens of the World project, which today covers a 43-hectare area, was created in the late 1990s and has ten international themed gardens and nine garden cabinets. Particularly popular with children is Berlin's first summer toboggan run, which allows them to whiz through the park and explore the various playscapes, which were created based on Erich Kästner's novel, May 35.

6. JUMP House Berlin

At the JUMP House in Reinickendorf, Berlin children get their money's worth! With a total area of 4000 m², the JUMP House is Berlin's largest trampoline park and offers children from six years and up, pure action and fun! Nine different areas with a total of 120 trampolines invite kids to jump happily.

7. Jungfernheide Forest High Ropes Course

Climbing fun for the whole family is offered by the Jungfernheide forest high ropes course. In the midst of the beautiful nature in Jungfernheide Volkspark, the gigantic forest high ropes course holds 13 courses with varying degrees of difficulty and also provide action and entertainment for young and old, beginners and advanced.

8. BergWerk.Berlin

Look forward to Berlin's largest indoor climbing park: BergWerk.Berlin. Located in the Hellershof district in Berlin, on the premises of the Helle Mitte shopping center and the Cinestar cinema, BergWerk.Berlin awaits you with impressive climbing heights, various courses, and innovative routes. Even toddlers, as young as 3 years old, can have fun with the exciting activities.

9. Berlin Dungeon

The Berlin Dungeon in Mitte, Berlin offers visitors eerily dark Berlin stories from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, performed by professional actors. Look forward to a journey through Berlin's past with historic settings and amazing special effects. Enter the depths of the dungeon in a medieval elevator and meet the notorious serial killer Carl Großmann, wander through the labyrinth of the Hohenzollern, witness the great fire of Berlin, and relive the terrible tortures in the torture chamber. Eerie fun for kids 10 and up.

10. Computer Games Museum

The Computer Games Museum in the Friedrichshain district houses Europe's largest collection of computer games, consoles, and magazines on the subject of interactive digital entertainment culture. Visitors can explore the beginnings of gaming culture through playable classics, rare originals, and special exhibits for the gaming people of the 21st century. An experience for young and old!

11. German Museum of Technology & Science Center Spectrum

Founded in 1983, the German Museum of Technology in Kreuzberg, Berlin has 26,500 m² of exhibition space and focuses on technical developments in their interactions with social, economic, and political history. The thematic focus is on the three major areas of transport: rail, air, and sea. In the Science Center Spectrum, children and young people can explore phenomena in a playful and independent way. The motto is "Play and marvel," "Look and try," and "Laugh and learn.”

12. Illuseum Berlin

At the Illuseum in Mitte, Berlin, you can put your brain to the test with optical illusions, games, and kaleidoscopes. Visitors of all ages are given new insights about their brains and how they see them through amusing and amazing installations, optical illusions, holograms, and photo illusions. Visit themed rooms such as "The Head on the Serving Plate," "Infinite Space," and "The Chair Illusion." Wooden toys with many impressive 3D puzzles and riddles will not only make your children's heads spin.

13. Body Worlds Berlin

The Body Worlds exhibition at the Menschen Museum in Mitte, Berlin literally "gets under your skin!" Get exciting insights into the human body and its complex structure. Learn more about the functioning and interaction of the individual systems and organs of the body.

Thanks to the exhibition Body Worlds of Animals, you can take a look at the inner life of animals, completely without skin, fur, or feathers. Discover over 100 exhibits, from the tiny mouse to the giant elephant.

14. Labyrinth Children's Museum

The Labyrinth Children's Museum is all about creative play worlds with interactive stations. Since 1997, a decommissioned assembly hall in Mitte, Berlin has been a veritable paradise for children from 3 to 11 years old, with a huge selection of play and craft corners as well as experiment stations. The museum's motto is learning by doing. Every two years, there are experiential exhibitions on new topics, such as environmental protection or the various world cultures.

15. Legoland® Discovery Center Berlin

Bring your children to the Legoland® Discovery Center in Mitte, Berlin for a few hours and take a trip back to your own childhood at the same time. More than five million LEGO® and Duplo® bricks in all colors and shapes await you and invite you to have creative fun. Discover Berlin's landmarks in Miniland, experience fascinating special effects in Berlin's only 4D cinema, ride a dragon through the dark labyrinth, produce your own LEGO® or Duplo® brick in the LEGO® factory and visit seven more themed areas of the play and fun center.

16. Little BIG City Berlin

Little BIG City in Mitte, Berlin has brought the history of the last 750 years of Berlin to life in miniature with over 100 historic buildings and more than 6,000 inhabitants. 30 beamers, 15 holograms, countless projections, mechanical movements and modern light and sound effects bring the historic sites to life. Experience the beginnings of the city in the 12th century, the Weimar Republic, and the Reichstag fire. See tanks rolling through the city after the end of World War II and listen to JF Kennedy's famous speech in front of the city hall. Finally, bring down the Berlin Wall at the push of a button.

17. MACHmit! Museum for Children

In the former Elias Church in Prenzlauer Berg, the "MACHmit! Museum for Children" offers an area for discovering, touching, and trying out with interactive exhibitions, changing creative activities and a 7-meter-high climbing wall. Complex relationships are explained in a playful and understandable way.

18. Madame Tussauds Berlin

The world-famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum with stars, sports legends, political greats, and historical personalities awaits you in Mitte, Berlin, at a historic location on Unter den Linden. Look forward to Albert Einstein, Ludwig van Beethoven, Erich Honecker, Jan Josef Liefers, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Marilyn Monroe, and many more and take selfies with your favorite stars. Take a look behind the scenes and learn how a wax figure is created and visit the interactive soccer, film, and crime scene areas.

19. MAGICUM - Berlin Magic Museum

Let the MAGICUM - Berlin Magic Museum in Mitte, Berlin take you into the mysterious world of magic. Children and adults can discover their own magical powers and talents in the world's first interactive museum of magic and mysticism. Learn about ancient sciences and the origins of magical thinking. Let the play with illusions and the power of intuition affect you.

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon and daily during the Berlin school vacations, you can be thrilled by artists and illusionists with their great magic shows in the MAGIC SALON.

20. Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History in Mitte, Berlin is one of the largest museums in Germany dedicated to natural history. Here, you can marvel at 30 million objects, including one of the best-preserved skeletons of a Tyrannosaurus Rex – the superstar of dinosaurs, the Diplocodus dinosaur, the Archaeopteryx Lithographica – a primitive bird, a three-meter-high multimedia globe that shows animations and film sequences on the topics of plate tectonics, volcanism, impact of asteroids and meteorites, how mountains are made, and the atmosphere, as well as a mobile projection sky that tells the story of the universe.

21. German Historical Museum

The German Historical Museum in Mitte, Berlin was opened in 1987 on the occasion of Berlin's 750th anniversary and gives you an insight into 1,500 years of German history from the Middle Ages to the fall of the Berlin Wall in a European context. Various temporary exhibitions provide thematic supplementation and insights.

22. Jewish Museum

Europe's largest Jewish Museum is located in Mitte, Berlin. The permanent exhibition provides an overview of 1,700 years of German-Jewish history. The museum also maintains an archive, library, and academy, which are designed to teach Jewish culture and Jewish-German history. A children's rally takes the little ones on an exciting discovery tour of the museum. The ANOHA Children's World, soon to open across the street from the Jewish Museum, offers children of daycare and elementary school age a place to explore and play.

23. Olympic Park with Stadium and Bell Tower

The Olympic Park with the Olympic Stadium is located in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district and was built by the National Socialists as the Reichssportfeld after Berlin was named the site of the 1936 Olympic Games. By 1936, a symmetrical complex had been created with the Olympic Square, the Olympic Stadium for 110,000 spectators, the Maifeld, a parade ground for 500,000 people, and today's Waldbühne for 25,000 spectators. From 2000 to 2004, the Olympic Stadium was modernized and has since been used for sporting events and concerts. Today, a history trail on the Olympic grounds with 45 panels in German and English provides more detailed information about the former Reichssportfeld. Particularly exciting for children is the observation deck of the Olympia Bell Tower, which you can easily reach by elevator. It offers a wonderful view from Spandau to Alexanderplatz and, with good visibility, even to Potsdam and the Müggelberge.

24. Planetarium at the Insulaner/Wilhelm Foerster Observatory

In the Planetarium at the Insulaner with its magnificent artificial starry sky, you can experience fascinating 360-degree shows, live astronomical lectures, radio plays, readings, as well as music shows. Thanks to various children's programs, young visitors will also get their money's worth here. When there is clear weather, you can look through the large telescopes at the Wilhelm Foerster Observatory and observe countless celestial objects.

25. Berlin Zoo

The Tierpark Berlin is located on the grounds of Friedrichsfelde Palace Park and covers an area of 160 hectares. It is the largest landscape animal garden in Europe. It is home to around 8,700 animals from over 650 different species. The current main attraction of the zoo, which opened in July 1955, is the baby polar bear Hertha, born on Dec. 1, 2018. Children love it! Of course the daily animal feedings as well as the individual guided tours where they can visit their favorite animals are great fun as well.

26. DDR Museum

A journey back in time to the former GDR awaits you at the GDR Museum in Mitte, Berlin! Here you will learn everything about life in the German Democratic Republic. Experience history up close, while at the same time expanding your knowledge in an entertaining way. Authentic originals and interactive installations that are unique in the world are waiting to be touched and tried out. Highlights of the exhibition include a faithfully furnished prefab apartment with five rooms, the Trabi driving simulation in an original Trabant P 601, numerous interactive games for young and old, and the opportunity to touch many of the exhibits. Adults, young people, and children become active here themselves.

27. Pergamon Museum 

The Pergamon Museum in Mitte, Berlin is the heart of Museum Island. It is home to the Collection of Classical Antiquities with the Pergamon Altar, the Museum of the Ancient Near East, and the Museum of Islamic Art. Berlin's most visited museum also fascinates younger visitors and regularly organizes events suitable for children.

28. New Museum     

Children can embark on a journey to ancient Egypt at the Neues Museum, located on Museum Island. It’s home to the Egyptian Museum, the Papyrus Collection, the Museum of Prehistory and Early History, and part of the Collection of Classical Antiquities. The showpiece of the New Museum is the world-famous bust of Nefertiti.

29. Zeiss Grand Planetarium

The Zeiss Large Planetarium in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin was built in 1987 as a symbol of prestige for the former GDR on the occasion of Berlin's 750th anniversary. The striking dome, with a diameter of 30 meters, dominates the cityscape. After modernization from 2014 to 2016, it is now a "science theater" with a 307-seat auditorium and a 160-seat cinema, where you can take part in interesting forays into the world of astronomy and science. Thanks to various children's programs, exciting insights into the cosmos also await small space explorers.

30. Zoological Garden Berlin

Opened in 1844, the Zoological Garden in Mitte, Berlin is the oldest zoo in Germany. Around 20,000 animals from over 1,000 species welcome you to the 33-hectare grounds. The main attraction and favorite of all children, since the summer of 2017, is the panda couple Meng Meng and Jiao Qing. Very high on the agenda are, of course, the various animal feedings and individual guided tours, where visitors, young and old, can get closer to the animals.

31. Spree Cruise

Enjoy Berlin's most important sights on a leisurely boat trip on the Spree River, which winds 46 kilometers through the heart of the city. Gaze into the heart of the city from the water as the boat glides past Museum Island, the Reichstag building, and other Berlin landmarks.

32. Fairy Tale Fountain

Visitors will find a very special fountain at the western tip of Friedrichshain Volkspark: the Fairy Tale Fountain. With its 106 figures, it is dedicated to the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. It was built in 1913 by Ludwig Hoffmann in the neo-baroque style and has well-known figures such as Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White, as well as water-spouting frogs and fountains to delight its visitors.

33. Tempelhof Feld

At 355 hectares, Tempelhofer Feld at the former Tempelhof Airport is the largest inner-city open space in the world and also Berlin's largest city park. Since 2010, there has been a green open space for a wide variety of activities, where airplanes used to take off all over the world.  The former runways and the so-called "taxiway" provide the perfect surface for cyclists and inline skaters. But, the list of sports offered at the urban green space seems endless. Skateboarding, BMX, Segway, e-scooter, pedal scooter, go-karting, kiting, basketball, soccer, table tennis, boules, cross-skating, Nordic walking, cross-country skiing (in winter), wind skating, kitebuggy, kiteboarding, and much more...

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