26 Extraordinary Attractions in Berlin [with Tickets]

15 Most Popular Attractions in Berlin

Berlin effortlessly manages a balancing act between a checkered past and lively modernity, offering travelers a unique experience that is second to none. 

While well-known landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall attract tourists from all over the world, the German capital also has a treasure trove of offbeat attractions for all ages and interests. 

In this article, we take you on a journey to discover 26 extraordinary attractions in Berlin that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

So if you want to explore the city outside of the classics, just read on.

1. Dark Matter

First on our list of 26 Extraordinary Attractions in Berlin is Dark Matter Berlin, which blurs the lines between the real and digital worlds. Step into the pitch-dark rooms of a converted factory and embark on a 90-minute journey of light, sound and movement. 

On a 1,000 square meter exhibition area, a total of seven different stations lead you through transformative experiences in darkness and light, with each of the partially interactive light installations representing a world of its own. Marvel at the great light shows and let yourself be carried away by emotional choreographies of lively shapes and colours. 

2.  Trabi-Safari 

Why settle for ordinary sightseeing tours when you can experience an exciting Trabi safari through Berlin instead? Take a seat at the wheel of an iconic Trabi, the official vehicle of the GDR, and discover Berlin like a true Berliner!

A brief introduction is enough to  get you started on your 75-minute journey through Berlin. Chug through the German capital in a Trabi and experience top sights such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall up close. You will even receive a Trabi driver's license as a souvenir of your unique tour. Awesome right?

3.  Dinner at the Sphere Revolving Restaurant

How about a special kind of culinary experience high above the roofs of Berlin? The Sphere restaurant is located in the sphere of the Berlin TV tower, the tallest building in Germany. But the real highlight is that the restaurant slowly rotates on its own axis.

So you can not only enjoy a delicious meal, but also  experience a spectacular panoramic view over the whole of Berlin. Whether it's a romantic dinner, a delicious breakfast or afternoon tea, be sure to secure a window seat

  • For more information on tickets, highlights and history, check out our complete guide to the Berlin TV Tower.

4. Icebar 

Get ready for an offbeat, ice-cold experience and visit the Icebar Berlin, one of the most extraordinary attractions in the city. Enter a world of 69 tons of natural ice and enjoy the ultimate cool drinks at a temperature of -10 °C.

Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere and marvel at the impressive ice sculptures while snuggling up in the jackets and gloves provided and sipping drinks from ice glasses. A unique experience not to be missed!

5. Deja Vu Museum

The newly opened Deja Vu Museum in the heart of Berlin promises an interactive adventure full of optical tricks and illusions. Covering an area of 1000 m², it offers a wide range of attractions and includes diverse exhibits that can be divided into the following categories:

  • Digital exhibits: Marvel at incredible digital artworks and interactive installations that use cutting-edge technologies to create unique experiences.
  • Physical Exhibits: Explore captivating physical illusions that transport you to a world where the lines between reality and fantasy blur.  
  • Optical Exhibits: Be mesmerized by optical illusions that challenge your mind and creatively deceive your perceptions.
  • Interactive Exhibits: Engage in fascinating interactive exhibits where you become the protagonist of the illusion and gain a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms.
  • Permanent exhibition: The permanent exhibition of Oleg Shupliak featuring about 60 exhibits encourages you to find the hidden details in the paintings. Shupliak's art is characterized by the multifaceted nature of the various artistic styles used and the leitmotif that remains constant throughout.

Opening hours: Daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Buy Tickets: Online ticketing website

6. “Ghostly Berlin” Scary Theater Tour

Would you like to learn more about the spooky and spooky secrets of BerlinThen you should definitely take part in the "Ghostly Berlin" scary theater tour. This  interactive live theater tour  will take you back in time to discover the dark side of the city. 

Accompanied by a costumed German-speaking guide, immerse yourself in the gruesome events that took place away from the tourist attractions of Berlin for 1.5 hours. Hear about a spooky curse of mummies, a killer who canned people and more...

7. Base Flying 

Experience Berlin from a bird's eye view with the next extraordinary attraction at  Alexanderplatz: Base Flying! Jumping  from a dizzying 125 meters high  is the ultimate thrill as you soar through the air in special gear.

Base flying is an adventurous activity suitable only for the brave. But don't worry, you will be accompanied by experienced trainers and your safety comes first. You will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over the city center - and unforgettable moments. An absolute must for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers in Berlin!

8.  Show in Friedrichstadt Palace Berlin

As Europe's largest revue theatre, the Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin in Berlin-Mitte regularly amazes its guests. With state-of-the-art stage technology, rousing performances with ballet, musical and artistry interludes as well as opulent backdrops, the spectators are offered a spectacular live spectacle. 

The colorful ARISE Grand Show is currently inspiring with more than 100 dancers, musicians and artists. Your emotions will surely run high with the stirring and touching performance based on the adventures of the photographer and artist Cameron. 

9.  Berlin in the 1920s

Immerse yourself in the world of the Golden Twenties and experience the glitz and glamor of Berlin on a guided tour of Berlin in the 1920s. Learn how the city was revived after World War I and became a hotspot of creativity and excess. 

Explore the city's wildest corners and vibrant nightlife while discovering the dance styles that took over the streets back then. From the city's revolutionary film history to sinful, extravagant Berlin - the tour brings the euphoric flair of the 1920s to life!

10.  Spree Tour

The Spree tour is one of the most popular experiences for many Berlin travelers and the highlight of their trip. You can experience Berlin from a completely new perspective as you travel along the magical waterwaySit back, relax and enjoy the picturesque scenery as you pass important landmarks such as Berlin Cathedral, the Reichstag, Nikolaiviertel and Museum  Island

You can find out exciting anecdotes about the attractions you pass through the on-board loudspeaker or with the YourMobileGuide app "Berlin Spree Tour." A wonderful way to experience the special flair of Berlin on the water and to create unforgettable moments! 

  • Read more details about the river in our ultimate guide to the Spree and Spree Tour.

11. Berlin Dungeon

Experience eerily gloomy Berlin stories from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, presented by professional actors. Be greeted by the court jester and take a journey through Berlin's past with historical backdrops and amazing special effects.

Descend into the depths of the dungeon in a medieval elevator and meet the notorious serial killer Carl Grossmann, wander through the maze of the Hohenzollerns, witness the Great Fire of Berlin and relive the horrible torment in the torture chamber. Uncanny fun and goosebumps are guaranteed!

12.  Walk Through Gay Berlin

The next item on the list of extraordinary attractions in Berlin is a walk through gay Berlin. Embark on a rainbow tour through Schöneberg, Berlin's gay district, and discover the LGBTQ+ scene and the capital's past in an entertaining way. 

The 2.5-hour search for traces takes you through the hip rainbow district of the north of Schöneberg between Dennewitzstraße and Nollendorfplatz to important locations of the queer scene. Visit legendary bars, discover hidden clubs and learn all about the brave people who stood up for equality.

13.  World Balloon

If base flying is too nerve-racking for you, we have the perfect alternative for you: climb into the gondola of the "Berlin World Balloon" and float completely silently at a height of 150 meters. 

In one of the largest capacity balloons in the world, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of the German capital. An ideal experience for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Berlin in an idyllic way. Note, however, that the flight is weather dependent.

14.  E-Rickshaw Tour

Experience the highlights of Berlin in a comfortable and unusual way - on a private e-rickshaw tour! Your driver will take you to the most famous sights such as the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie while you sit back and listen to interesting explanations. 

Along the way, you can stop to take photos, grab a quick bite of street food, or explore the area. There are a variety of tour lengths to choose from so you can explore the city at your leisure. Come rain or shine, an e-rickshaw tour of central Berlin allows you  to explore the city with ease and stress-free.

15. Illuseum Berlin

In Illuseum Berlin in the Mitte district, your senses will be sent on a rollercoaster ride! Immerse yourself in a world of illusions that will test your brain and challenge your perceptionHere you can spend an unforgettable time full of interactive experiences and surprises together with friends or family.

The themed rooms like 'The Head on the Serving Plate' and 'The Infinite Space' are full of  amazing and amusing installations, while wooden toys and 3D puzzles delight children and adults alike. A visit to the Illuseum Berlin is a must for anyone looking for something special in Berlin.

16. SIXX PAXX Male Revue Show

Anyone who wants to discover a different side of Berlin nightlife  can experience SIXX PAXX, Germany's  hottest men's revue showEurope's most coveted men's performing arts show takes the audience's breath away with hot dancers, acrobatic dance moves and singing.

Treat yourself to an exciting evening with your friends at the SIXX PAXX Theater on Potsdamer Platz, which will definitely take you away from everyday life. If you want to be part of the action, it's best to secure a seat in the front row... 

17. Showgirls of Burlesque

Our next Berlin attraction takes you into the world of burlesque! Experience a night full of sensuality and glamor with the "Showgirls of Burlesque" in Berlin's opulent show stage. Professional dancers provide a breathtaking show full of fire, cabaret, acrobatics, singing and comedy.

Let this memorable and exhilarating show take you through the golden years of Berlin and don't miss this fascinating mix of classic elegance and modern femininity! 

18. TimeRide Berlin

Experience the history of Berlin up close with TimeRide Berlin, a unique attraction that takes you on a virtual journey back in time to divided Berlin in the 1980sVisit important sites like Checkpoint Charlie and experience life on both sides of the Berlin Wall

Pass the border crossing and meet contemporary witnesses who will tell you their personal stories. With the help of VR technology, the past comes alive and you immerse yourself in life in a city shaped by the Cold War. An unforgettable experience that gives you a new perspective on the history of Berlin.

19. Helicopter Flight over Berlin

Would you like to experience Berlin in an unforgettable way? Then you should not miss a helicopter flight over the city! Float through the city center for 20 minutes and enjoy the fantastic panorama of the Berlin skyline. 

See all the sights from a bird's eye view and take a lap around the Berlin TV Tower. After landing you will receive a personal flight certificate with the passenger details and the pilot's signature as a lasting reminder of this adventure.

20. Studio of Wonders

When visiting Berlin, experience a day of fun and adventure at Studio of Wonders, an extraordinary attraction in the heart of the city. An incredible art concept awaits you on an area of 500 square meters . More than 30 interactive installations appeal to the senses with optical illusions and various perspectives.

Immerse yourself in a magical world full of surprises and wonders, with backdrops ranging from a ball pool to a wonder forest. Unleash your creativity and capture all the  fun in tons of photos and videos to share with the world.

21.  Evening Tour of Authentic Kreuzberg

Explore Berlin's multicultural hotspot on a 2-hour evening tour and be enchanted by Kreuzberg's history and culture. The tour starts at the central Kotti and takes you through the famous streets, parks and courtyards of the former working-class district. 

Your guide will bring  Kreuzberg's checkered past to life, with gripping tales of street fighting and Berlin's infamous Jack the Ripper. Immerse yourself in authentic Kreuzberg and experience the unique vibe of the Berlin district up close. 

22.  The Wall - Asisi Panorama Berlin

The next attraction sends you on a journey through time to divided Berlin. The Asisi Panorama is a monumental 360-degree panorama by the artist Yadegar Asisi and shows the Berlin Wall with a view from West to East Berlin on a fictional autumn day in the 1980s on a 900 square meter scale, at a scale of 1:1.

You climb onto a four meter high platform, which is located in the middle of the huge rotunda and look at the 60 meter long and 15 meter high panorama. You will get an insight into the  everyday life of Berliners. The work of art is accompanied by an exhibition with 80 private photos of Berliners from the time of the divided city and the fall of the Wall.

23. Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

On a hop-on hop-off bus tour, you can comfortably visit the most important sights of Berlin from the comfort of your seat. You can hop on and off at any of the stops to see your favorites up close or view them from the inside. 

You can choose between 24 or 48 hour ticketsMany tourists like to buy the combination ticket with a hop-on hop-off bus ride and an hour boat ride on the SpreeFor the combination ticket, we recommend our partners Stromma and BWSG.

24.  Body Worlds Museum

Our journey through Berlin's 25 extraordinary attractions now takes us on a  journey of discovery into the depths of the human body. The world's first Body Worlds Museum awaits you at Alexanderplatz with real human full-body plastinates. Discover the deep secrets of human and animal anatomy and physiology under the motto "Facets of Life".

From the muscles and tendons to the organs and bones, every detail of the human body is revealed to give you an unparalleled experience. Thanks to the plastination technique of Dr. Gunther von Hagens, the bodies are odorless and can be kept indefinitely, so you can admire the works of art in their full glory.

25.  Reichstag Tour

The Reichstag building on Republic Square is undoubtedly one of the most important attractions in Berlin and Germany. However, if you want to take one of the free guided tours of the landmark, you must register in advance. Why not book a Reichstag Tour and take full advantage of an expert guide to show you around the monument? 

Explore the plenary hall and the glass dome of the Reichstag building and learn about the history, architecture and politics. Another advantage of a Reichstag tour is that you get a glimpse behind the scenes of the building and also explore the government district  of Berlin  together with a guide. 

26. Disgusting Food Museum

We conclude our list of Berlin's extraordinary attractions with a place that will bring you to your disgusting limitsIn the Berlin disgusting museum "Disgusting Food Museum", you can experience the most disgusting food and dishes in the world up close. Whether you are interested in frog smoothies from Peru, maggot cheese from Sardinia or grilled dog from China, you will find it here.

At the tasting bar you can even try some of the specialties on display and even take some home with you. But the exhibition offers more than just a disgusting spectacle. She also invites you to reflect on the importance of food and taste in different cultures.

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